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What to do if you have a lot of Forced Check-in/out alerts
What to do if you have a lot of Forced Check-in/out alerts

How to reduce the amount of alerts on your Agency Hub

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An audit of the alerts you receive may be necessary to improve your Alert Responsiveness Q Score. There is a good chance you will be receiving too many! This can be easily resolved using the tips below.

The first thing to do is to check your Care Delivery by Client weekly report.

*If you are unsure about what your Care Delivery report is or does please see here.

If you notice a Client has 0% of Visits with a successful Secure Check-in & Out take the following action:

Check that the care recipient's address is correct and make sure you have set the Coordinates in Birdie. Make sure to read the instructions at the bottom of the 'Secure call monitoring' article for your specific rostering provider.

If the Care recipient is in a poor signal area you may want to disable the Geo Location for them and use QR codes instead.

You can also check the Care Delivery by Carer weekly report.

If you notice a carer has a low percentage of visits with a successful Secure Check-in and out you need to:

Contact the carer and inform them of the issue. If the behavior continues we advise conducting a performance review.

Still, receiving too many alerts?

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