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How to add tasks & medications to a visit card
How to add tasks & medications to a visit card

Learn how to create a customised and effective support plan for your Care Recipient

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Please note: This feature is available to all Birdie Packages, Medication will not be available to those on the Starter package. Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

You can easily add required tasks and medications to the visit schedule, adding a Medication or Task to a visit will ensure that it is easily listed out for the Care Professionals to complete before checking out of their visit.

Before you begin it is important to note that Care professionals will only see these updates when their app is connected to the internet. They will need to refresh their apps to see these changes.

Before you start, you will need to create the task and medication schedules first. If you are new to Birdie and are transferring all your Care Recipients' tasks in bulk from paper or a different system, you should use our Care Plan uploader tool to do this quicker. This means you just have to assign the tasks to visits.

For information on how to add a task and medication schedule please see these articles:

How to find the visit card

Select the Care Recipient and click the Visits tab on the left-hand side. Use the scroll bars and the date arrows at the top to find the visit.

You can see which visits have tasks and medications attached and which ones do not, if they have nothing attached they will have No tasks or medication in red on the visit card.

Once you have found the visit you want to add tasks and medications to you can start dragging and dropping the tasks and medications in. Before you add them to the card they will appear outside the visit card.

Please note: You can drag and drop Anytime tasks into any visit card.

How to add tasks & medication to the entire visit schedule

If you want the task and/or medication to be added to the entire visit schedule select the This and following visits in the schedule option.

This means that the task and/or medication will automatically be added to all future visits in the schedule and you will not have to manually add them in individually, saving you time.

How to add tasks & medication to a single visit

If you need to add a one-off task or medication, select This visit only. This means that it will only show for this visit on the Birdie app.

Continue this process for all the tasks and medications you want for that visit, ensuring you have included everything your Care Professional will need to complete at the visit.

The tasks and medications will no longer be outside of the visit card and you will see a number indicating how many have been added to the card.

If you want to remove a task that is no longer relevant please see the article below:

Birdie Academy video

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