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How to remove a task or medication from a visit card
How to remove a task or medication from a visit card

Updating a visit plan can involve last-minute changes, here's how to remove specific tasks and medications from a visit

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Please note: This feature is available to all Birdie Packages, Medication will not be available to those on the Starter package. Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

If you notice that a medication or task is not being completed during a visit, you can remove them to make sure you are providing the best care and to show you are a responsive agency.

Care Professionals will only see these updates when their app is connected to the internet. They will need to refresh their apps to see these changes.

Start by going to the Care Recipient's Visit Tab.

Now find the visit card with the task or medication you want to remove. When you click on the visit card, a pop-up box will appear, under Activities, you will see the full list of tasks and medications currently in that card.

Click Edit, you will now be taken to a new page where you can remove the tasks. You can do this by clicking on the bin icon at the end of the task or medication to remove it from the visit.

If you need to change the order of a task instead of removing it from the visit card please see this article:

When you are done removing the tasks or medication, click on Save changes and choose if these changes are only for this visit card, or if you want it to reflect in all future visits in the schedule.

After removing a task or medication from a visit plan, it will be placed back into the main calendar view. You can then assign it to a different visit card, or leave it out if you are not responsible for it.
โ€‹Note: For clients where medication is self-administered, the following occurs:

  • The medications will no longer appear in visit planning once removed from the visit(s)

  • The medications will still be visible in the medication schedule list

  • You can add an end date to the medication schedules as you wish

Removing the task or medication from a visit card does not delete it, if you need to remove a task or medication completely, please see these articles:

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