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How to change the order of tasks in a visit plan
How to change the order of tasks in a visit plan

Make care delivery easy and straightforward for care professionals by putting the tasks in order for them to follow

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Please note: This feature is available to all Birdie packages, if you do not have access to this, please reach out to your Customer success manager who can enable this for you.

By ordering the tasks you can make it clear to the care professionals when to give medications and when to complete certain tasks.

If you have some medications that need to be given before food, for example, you can arrange them to appear before a 'meal' task. This ensures your plans are effective and caring.

How to change the order of tasks

Find and open the visit card, here you will see the current order of tasks and medications.

To change the order, drag and drop any task or medication up and down.

When you are done, scroll to the top of the page and click on Save changes. Click on This and following visits in the schedule if you want the order to be reflected on all future visits in the schedule or This visit only if you only want the order to change on that specific visit card.

The care professionals will see the tasks and medications in the exact same order as you have arranged them here, when you add a new task or medication to the visit card, it will appear at the bottom of the task list. You can change the order at any time before the call.

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