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How to End a Visit Schedule

If a Care Recipient's regular schedule changes you can use Visit Planning to update and reflect this.

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Please note: This feature is available to all Birdie packages, if you do not have access to this, please reach out to your Customer success manager who can enable this for you.

You can end a visit schedule if you no longer deliver care at that time or if an ongoing visit has now been made temporary.

Please note: If you use a rostering system you will also stop the schedule on your roster.

Start by going to the Care Recipient's Visit tab.

Now find and click on a visit card in that schedule. Click on Edit on the pop-up box.

Scroll to the bottom of this page, here you will see a section labelled Ends. Here you can change the end date of the visit schedule.

When you are done, click on Save changes at the top of the page. When you go back to the Care Recipients visit tab and scroll to the end date you will see all visits after that date will no longer be on the schedule.

Please note: You cannot remove a single visit from a schedule, for example, if the schedule is Monday-Friday and you only want to remove the Thursday visit you will have to stop the entire schedule and create it again without the Thursday visit.

When you click on the visit card you will see the end date populated on the right-hand sidebar.

You will also notice that all the tasks and medications that were inside the visit card will be put back into the calendar view.

How to edit the end date

If you need to change the end date again you can do this by clicking on a visit card in the schedule and editing the end date as shown in the steps above. You can also do this on previously stopped schedules.

You can always view an audit trail of who made changes to the visit schedule and when by opening the visit card and clicking on Timeline.

How to delete a visit schedule

You can only delete a visit schedule if none have been in progress or completed. If the schedule has any visits which meet these statuses then the option would not be visible.

To delete the schedule, follow the above steps and on the More options drop-down select Delete schedule.

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