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How to Upload & Download e-Signature Documents
How to Upload & Download e-Signature Documents

You can upload documents to sign instantly in a care recipient's house.

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages.

Your Care Recipients and third parties are now able to sign care management documentation electronically. This means all documents can live within Birdie, on their profile.

Before you can start collecting e-signatures you will need to make sure all your agency documents are uploaded to Birdie. To understand more about which documents to upload and how to do it, check out this article.

How to upload documents for signature

Select the care recipient you want to upload a document for and click on Care Plan. Scroll to the bottom of this page and Click Signature Documents.

Here you will see any existing documents ready to be signed and the option to add more. To add a document click Add new document.

Click the arrow in the box which will then open your files on your computer. Please note you can only upload PDF documents with a maximum size of 12MB. Once you have uploaded this it will now appear in the Signature Documents section ready to be signed.

How to Sign an Uploaded Document

Now that the documents are uploaded these can be signed by the Care Recipient, family member or social worker for example. If you are out in the field these can be signed on a tablet device. 

Select the document you want to be signed, multiple documents can be signed at the same time. On this page, the person signing can select any of the documents to view as a pop-out.

Click Sign now in the bottom right-hand corner, you will be taken to the Signature Documents screen where the Signee can enter their name and role. They will then click the consent box and Sign off.

Once this has been done click Save, you will now see a list of all the signed documents for this care recipient. You can click Download Summary to save these to your files.

How to view and download the signed documents

There are two ways to view and download a document. Click on your initials in the top right-hand corner, in the drop-down menu select Upload documents.

Here you will see the original upload of the document. You can download and view any document from here by clicking on the download icon on the document name. This will now appear in your files for you to view.

You will not see signed documents in this area, any document uploaded this way will sit in all Care Recipient's signature documents waiting to be signed.

To view and download a signed document, start by going to the Care Recipient's Care plan page.

Scroll to the bottom of this page and Click Signature Documents, you will now see all the signed documents. Click Download Summary to view them.

How to delete a signed document

As this is a legally binding document you cannot delete these. If your agency needs an e-signature document deleted, you will need to start a chat via support or email [email protected] and provide a reason for the deletion request.

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