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How to upload documents onto your Care Recipients' care plans
How to upload documents onto your Care Recipients' care plans

How to upload a document to a specific client or all of your clients' profiles

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages.

You can easily upload documents relating to all of your care recipients, such as consent to care, or for a specific client. This includes e-signature documents as well as any other supporting information that you need to keep on Birdie relating to your clients' care.

How to upload documents for a specific Care Recipient

If you have any additional risk assessments or documents, which you would like to store in the Care Plan for your Care Recipient then you can use the document uploader.

Go to your Care Recipient's profile, click on the Care plan tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Documents box. Here you can upload documents specific to your care recipient.

Please contact your onboarding manager to make sure that your care professionals can see .jpeg, .png and PDF documents in their app. Word documents will never be visible to the carers.

Once the file has been uploaded it will appear below, along with the date of upload, along with a document ID that we generate at the point of uploading.

Please see this article if you need help converting a word document to a PDF.

You can then use the toggle function to choose whether this document is displayed to Care Professionals in the Birdie app. Newly uploaded documents will always be 'Off' unless you choose otherwise.

Please note: The toggle determines whether individual documents are available in the app for Care Professionals, specifically. Admin users will be able to see all documents in eligible formats in the app.

How to upload documents for electronic signature

What documents should I upload?

Rather than uploading forms which already have the care recipients' details on them, you should amend your document templates so that you are then able to upload generic documents which can be added to all client files.

These may include documents such as:

  • Consent to care and treatment

  • Consent to share information

  • Terms and conditions of service delivery

We recommend removing the name, date, and signature panels on your documents, before uploading them. This is because these fields will not be brought to you by Birdie. An example can be seen below:

Click on your initials in the right-hand corner, on the drop-down menu select Upload Documents. You will be taken to a page where you can upload blank documents. Click the box with the arrow and upload a PDF file max 12MB.

Please note: These files will be uploaded for all clients so do not upload files with any personal information here

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