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How to add a care professional onto CareFree and sync them to Birdie
How to add a care professional onto CareFree and sync them to Birdie

Help on how to set up a care professional using your CareFree rostering and ensuring they sync to Birdie

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If you use CareFree as your rostering provider you will need to add your care professional's details on there first so that they can sync to Birdie. The below instructions will show you how to do this and how to fix any issues you may be experiencing with a care professional not syncing to Birdie.

How to create a carer profile on CareFree

Every Carer must have a phone number, postcode, address or email address on their CareFree profile, if one of these are missing they will not sync to Birdie. We also sync Admin status from carefree, so if you make your carer an admin on carefree you will not have to make them an admin again on Birdie.

Select the Carer icon from the main menu

You will now see the below screen- the main carers screen

The tabs at the bottom require filling in

  • New will create a new record

  • Edit will allow editing of an existing record

  • Delete will remove a record (only in certain circumstances)

  • Close closes the window

Please note: when navigating the tabs, any fields which are mandatory are highlighted in yellow. These need to be filled in or the record will not send to Birdie.

To create a record navigate through the tabs and populate the required areas. Here are some of the areas to which you will need to fill in.

On the other details tab, you can specify travel options and start date. Only the start and end date are important to enter for the profile to sync to Birdie however you can add more details if required.

1) This is the transport type, you can add more via lists of needed

2) This is the contract start and end dates, change these when you want to make a staff member “inactive” the start date must also be the current date or in the past or the profile will not sync to birdie until the specified date

3) Minimum and maximum hours for your clients

4) Mileage and travel time, This section provides fields for recording that data

What to do if you encounter an issue

You may receive an integration error in the top-right corner of your agency hub. This means you have entered information on CareFree such as a mobile number or email address that is already on the birdie system.

Care professionals' information cannot be shared or duplicated on the system, this will result in the profile not pulling over. Check that the information is only entered once on CareFree.

You will also want to check that the Birdie box has been ticked in CareFree and that a care professionals start date is not in the future.

If you are still encountering issues please contact CareFree with the details below

Need more help?

If you need help using the CareFree system please reach out to them on their email address-[email protected] they will be able to assist you with the system.

Please note: new integrations are no longer supported with CareFree.

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