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Supporting your Care Professionals to use the Birdie app
Supporting your Care Professionals to use the Birdie app

Our tips for training and communication, so this process is smooth and easy for your care team!

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When it comes to implementing Birdie in your care agency, it is a top priority to make sure that your care team feels confident using the Birdie app from day one. Here are our top tips for preparing your care professionals to use Birdie.

Communicating the Change

When it comes to preparing your Care professionals to use the Birdie app, we know that your team will have a bunch of questions about this change - namely, how is this change going to affect them?

We've been through this change management process time and time again with our partners, so we have prepared a guide to make this smooth for your care professionals. This includes email templates to communicate the change to your teams, PDF handouts to answer questions and build excitement in the team.

We've also built a change management checklist, outlining key steps to take and what materials to use - and when.

We have heard from our partners that inviting care professionals to come into the office for a Birdie launch can help to build excitement!

Download the change management checklist and the care professionals guide:


The best way to ensure your care professionals are confident using Birdie is to train them shortly before your planned live date.

Your care team can complete the Birdie Academy, our online app training course designed to equip Care Professionals with all they need to know to start reporting using Birdie. The course is made up of short videos and quizzes to help your Care Professionals feel confident and know what to expect from their first care call using Birdie.

Share this link with your Care Professionals to help them get started with the Birdie Academy:

Did you know you can see who has completed the course in the Birdie Set Up Progress report? All Birdie admins will receive this report weekly on a Monday during onboarding.

Many of our partners will also invite all Care Professionals to come into the office for in-person training. This can be effective since it gives another forum for Care Professionals to be curious, ask questions, and build excitement.

Care Professionals can complete the Birdie Academy onsite, your office team can also support the care professionals to download the app, and submit their first report.

Creating a dummy client profile for training purposes can help your Care Professionals to learn how to use Birdie. You can schedule a practice visit for your Care Professionals to complete, so they have an opportunity to do a practice visit before visiting clients with the Birdie app for the first time.

Launch Week

Once you have filled in the profile and your Care Professional is assigned visits and ready to use Birdie you can invite them by clicking on the Admin tab and clicking send invite.

Once all of your Care Professionals have downloaded the Birdie app and practised using it to record their visits, you are ready to launch!

It is important to inform Care Professionals of the date that they will be expected to use Birdie to submit reports for all of their visits.

Drop-in sessions can help during this launch week - some of our partners will offer in-person drop-in sessions or virtual ones on a platform like Zoom. This gives care professionals the opportunity to clarify anything they are still unsure about.

If you have completed all the steps above - most of the team should be feeling fully confident and ready to use Birdie!

Identify your Birdie champions

You will likely find that there are Care Professionals working within your agency who immediately flourish in using Birdie to report the visits. Let's support them to share their skills and enthusiasm with others on the team. These Birdie champions can serve as pillars of support in your agency for Care Professionals who may have questions about using the app.

Regular Communication

Checking your agency hub to identify Care Professionals who are posting plenty of high-quality reports and acknowledging them for their hard work will go down a storm!

We can also support you to identify Care Professionals who are not using the app on a regular basis by sending you weekly Care Delivery Performance reports so that you can coach and encourage these individuals to begin posting on Birdie with confidence.

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