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Best Practices for Creating & Naming Demo Clients in Birdie
Best Practices for Creating & Naming Demo Clients in Birdie

Best practice and helpful guidance for using demo clients within Birdie, to ensure this data is excluded from finance and Birdie Analytics.

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages.

We know there are certain scenarios where it is helpful to have demo or 'dummy' clients created and stored within your birdie agency hub - for example, when practising and learning your way around our platform or for scheduling non-visit activities.

When creating these demo clients, it's crucial that you use the correct naming conventions to ensure:

  • they are excluded from birdie analytics reports so that you can get an accurate picture of your operations.

  • they are not taken into consideration by our finance team when issuing invoices

What names should I use for demo clients within Birdie?

Demo clients are identified as those having a first or last name that is any of the following case-insensitive keywords:

  • driver

  • office

  • staff

  • supervisor

  • training

  • client

  • demo

  • test

  • birdie

  • admin

  • administration

  • headquarters

  • shadowing

  • dummy

  • shift

  • first name ‘head’ + last name ‘quarters’

Important note: the first or last name has to be only one of the above words, it cannot be one of the following keywords + another word.

An example: First name 'Annie' and last name 'Training Supervisor' would not be considered a demo, but first name 'Annie Training' and last name 'Supervisor' would be, as the demo keyword ’Supervisor’ appears alone as the last name.

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