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How to Log in to the Birdie Agency Hub
How to Log in to the Birdie Agency Hub

A step-by-step guide to logging in

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At Birdie, we use magic links which offer a more secure way of logging in, as the link will be sent directly to your email inbox. This means you do not have any additional passwords to remember or that could get lost or stolen, ensuring all the sensitive data on the Agency Hub stays safe.

To log in go to You will then be taken to the login page below.

  1. Type in your email address

  2. Click on the Send me a link button

  3. Head to your email inbox

Please note: You will need to do these 3 steps every time you need to log in to birdie.

We send a magic link directly to the inbox of the email you have entered which will get you logged on right away so please ensure the spelling is correct.

What does the link look like in my emails?

The email contains a blue link, Click the link and you will be automatically taken to the Birdie Agency Hub.

Please keep in mind that this is a one-time link, once you have clicked the link it will become invalid, you will need a new link each time you log in.


Top tips:

  • Save Birdie as a bookmark on your web browser. This will speed up the log-in process.

  • If you accidentally close the Agency Hub web page you can instantly open it up again without having to log in again.

  • You only need to log in if you have logged out.

  • If you are prompted to enter your email address again, please ensure that you click on the new magic link that you are sent. Clicking on an old link will not work.

  • If you are having issues logging in, check with your IT team that our Birdie email has been whitelisted. Ensure that our Birdie email is whitelisted and remove any Malware scanners from Birdie.

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