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How to Optimise the Geo Check-in Feature
How to Optimise the Geo Check-in Feature

Three tips to make sure the geo check-in call monitoring works for you

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages.

If you use the geolocation feature when checking into visits, below are some suggestions on how to make the geo check-in feature work for you.

Quick tips

To help you improve the accuracy of the check-in feature we can suggest a few things:​

  • Ensure you're on the latest version of your phone's operating system

  • Ensure you're on the latest version of the Birdie app

  • Try waiting a few moments for the GPS signal to be accurate

  • Open the check-in screen whilst outside the property to get the latest geo-location (Attempt to check in whilst in the property)

Turning Wifi on

Care Professionals can use WiFi to improve their location accuracy. The device will be able to use their location from any WiFi network they are connected to.

By having their wifi switched on, mobile devices can calculate if an individual is close to a particular location, therefore, improving the phone’s location accuracy. When Care professionals turn their wifi on, this will have a minimal effect on their battery life.

High Accuracy Mode for Androids

If using an Android device, you can turn on the High-Accuracy Mode which allows the phone to use available networks with the highest accuracy, to do this:

  1. Open Settings and select Location

  2. Tap App permissions

  3. Select the Birdie app

  4. Select Allow only while using the app

  5. Toggle Use precise location On

For more accuracy, you can by ensure that Wi-Fi scanning and Bluetooth scanning are toggled on too.

  1. Open Settings and select Location

  2. Select Location services

  3. Toggle Wi-Fi scanning on

  4. Toggle Bluetooth scanning on

High Accuracy Mode for iPhones

When giving location permission to the app, you can pick between precise and approximate location. An approximate location could potentially cause you to have consistently poor accuracy.  You should share your precise location, to do this:

  • Open Settings

  • Scroll down to the Birdie app and select it

  • Select Location

  • Check that location is allowed while using the app

  • Check that Precise Location is enabled

Manually refresh the app location

The app doesn’t automatically refresh to get an updated location, so when checking into a visit it’s important that you manually refresh the app to ensure the phone collects an updated location.

  1. Open the app and tap Check-in

  2. Tap the green refresh icon in the right-hand corner

  3. Then select the check-in button

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