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Get to Know Your 5 Weekly Progress Reports on Birdie Analytics
Get to Know Your 5 Weekly Progress Reports on Birdie Analytics

See what is inside each report and how to schedule them to send every week

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Please note: If you do not have access to these features and you are interested in learning more about Birdie Analytics, Please get in touch to talk to a member of our team!

The weekly progress report will help you to get an overview of your organisation’s and care professional’s performance.

Start by going to your birdie analytics dashboard and click on the Care Management board. Scroll down to the Weekly Updates section, here you will find 5 different reports:

Care Delivery Trends

Care Delivery by Carer

Care Delivery by Client

Care Management Trends

Care Management by Client

The Care Delivery Trends report is a weekly report on your care professionals, showing a list of all your care professionals in terms of care recipients visited, punctuality, tasks, observations & medications completed, and notes left.

The information in this report can be used to evidence appraisals or flag where further training may be required. Having access to this data allows you to be more objective than subjective.

Next, we have the Care Delivery by Carer report. This shows you the same information as the Care Delivery Trends report, but it is broken down by individual Care Professional.

Some of our Birdie partners use this report to give Care Professionals more visibility over how they are doing and where they can improve.

Next, we have the Care Delivery by Client report. This again covers the same information as the Care Delivery Trends report, but is broken down by the individual care recipient.

You can use this report to check care delivery for different care recipients and see trends. For example, if a care recipient is regularly receiving more or less than their scheduled hours or regularly missing medication.

The fourth report is the Care Management Trends report. This is a weekly report with metrics on the office team. This will show how up-to-date their care plans are, medication monitoring, and alert responsiveness.

This report can help you to set quality KPIs and ensure each office team member is monitoring and improving their area of care management.

The final report in the Weekly Updates is the Care Management by Client report. This weekly report is broken down per care recipient and shows how care plans (tasks) have been set up, how many have notes, and how often they have been updated.

This is a good report to share with the team in charge of tasks and alert management to ensure they are updating constantly to be fully prepared for inspections.

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