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How to allocate a one-off task to an ongoing visit schedule
How to allocate a one-off task to an ongoing visit schedule

We understand that not all tasks will need to be done every day, and we want this to reflect on the visit plan for the care professionals.

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Please note: This feature is available to all Birdie packages, if you do not have access to this, please reach out to your Customer success manager who can enable this for you.

Sometimes you need to allocate one-off or infrequent tasks, you can do this easily with visit planning. If you need guidance on how to add a task please see this article - How to create or edit tasks for your Care Recipient

How to add a one-off task

Start by going to the Care Recipient's profile and click on Task planner. Search for the task you require or use the quick action button to find the task.

Once you have found the task, select either weekly or custom for the frequency and select only the days the task needs to be carried out.

Please note: Custom frequency is not available for Starter packages, Care Management and Rostering and CM-only packages.Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

Now add the time of the task, the start date and the end date, Click on Save to save the task.

How to allocate a one-off task to a visit

Go to the Visits tab for that Care Recipient.

Find the first instance of the task, as well as the visit card it needs to be allocated to.

Now drag and drop the task into the visit card, if you only want the task to be recorded for one visit only, select This visit only, this means it will not occur again in the visit schedule.

If this task occurs infrequently but you want it to be added to the whole schedule as and when it appears, select This and following visits in the schedule, this means that when the task arises again it will automatically be added to the visit card, saving you time.

When you are done click on Save.

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