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Why do I have to add visits to Birdie and my external rostering system?
Why do I have to add visits to Birdie and my external rostering system?

We work with our rostering partners to ensure the best care delivery. Learn the difference between Birdie's visit plans and your roster

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On Birdie, Visit Planning is a group of features that will help Care managers and Care Coordinators plan visits for a Care recipient within the agency hub. Once you have created these plans it then guides a Care professional on the exact tasks and medications they need to complete during a visit. The biggest benefit of Visit Planning is that medication outcomes must be recorded in order to check out of a visit.

If you use Birdies rostering you will only have to add the visit schedules to the system once. however, if you use an external rostering provider the visits will first need to be scheduled on that system and then synced to Birdie. You will then create a matching visit schedule on Birdie where you can add person-centred tasks and medication schedules.

For more information on what syncs to Birdie from each Integration provider please see the articles below:

Your external Rostering provider

  1. Your rostering provider is where you add your Care professional's schedules and rota, any changes to the call times need to be reflected on there.

  2. Care professionals will always see the rostered time of the visit when they select the Visits tab on the app.

  3. Any fluctuating visit times (e.g. a schedule is from 9 am to 10 am on weekdays, but 10 am to 11 am on the weekend, or a call is 30 minutes 4 times a week and 45 minutes 3 times a week) need to be added on your rostering system and not Birdie.

  4. Late visit alerts, and underruns/overruns generated on Birdie come from matching the scheduled rostered time to the actual time of the Care professional on the app.

  5. All analytics reports on visit durations, punctuality, and visit logs come from comparing the scheduled time on the roster to the actual time on the Birdie app.

Birdie's Visit Planning

  1. Birdie's Visit Planning feature is where you focus your Care professionals on their care delivery by creating a plan of tasks and medications for them to complete.

  2. The times displayed on the Visit Plan are not visible on the Carer app.

  3. If you update a time on your roster, this is not sent across to Birdie. You do not have to change the time on Birdie if there is no significant difference.

  4. Care professionals can check into a visit card even if it is before/after the time of the visit.

  5. The only alert generated from the Visit Plan time is the 'Visit not completed' alert.

  6. If you do not want to receive a visit plan not completed alert you need to cancel calls on the roster and on Birdie.

  7. You can add tasks and medications that are not needed every day to a schedule without changing the time or duration of the visit.

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Update on Birdie

Update on your roster

Adding new Care recipients


Adding new Care professionals


Adding tasks & medications



Adding the rota


Editing visit times




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