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How to edit and review care plans on Birdie

This article will show how you can make edits to or review a client's care plan.

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages.

In order to ensure care plans remain as person-centered as possible, it's important that care plans are reviewed regularly and updated if a care recipient's needs have changed.

At Birdie, we advise reviewing an assessment, rather than deleting it, as this removes all evidence of this assessment being completed for audits. If you need an assessment deleted because this has been added as a mistake then please get in touch with our support team via the chatbot function. 

How to update or edit an assessment

You can easily edit care assessments without having to start a new one from scratch - this is perfect for correcting any mistakes or simply making any small ad-hoc changes.

To edit an assessment, go to the Care Recipients profile and click on their care plan tab.

From this page, you can choose which assessment you want to edit by clicking on the assessment tile and selecting Update.

Once you have made your changes to the care plan this will now create a new assessment with the date it was submitted and who it was submitted by. This will now be the assessment that shows on the Birdie app.

How to review an assessment

To review an assessment, go to the Care Recipients profile and click on their care plan tab.

From here, choose which assessment area you want to review and tap the Review assessment button.

A copy of the assessment will be displayed with pre-filled answers from the last assessment. You can make small changes or completely change the Care Recipient's care plan.

At the end of the review page, you will be shown a section to review and explain what changes you have made to the assessment with the option to add additional notes if needed.

These notes won't be visible in the app or PDF but enable you to keep a running record of any points that you might like to refer back to during your audits.

Only the latest review or updated assessment will be shown on the Birdie app.

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