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How to audit Communication Logs

Learn how to audit communication logs and download for editing

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All agencies will have a number of communication logs created daily. This includes the observations made by carers for their clients. All of this is evidence of good quality, person-centred care.

Why do I need to audit Communication Logs?

Auditing is essential to ensure that a high standard of care is being taken on a daily basis. Through auditing your communication logs you may be able to see that there is a reoccurring issue being recorded for a specific client, or perhaps you find that carers aren't making thorough notes, which in turn could lead to an issue passing under the radar.

How do I audit the communication logs?

Firstly, go to your Looker dashboard and scroll to find Client Observation Logs

When you open the report, you’ll see your observation log which includes: the time that the observation was observed, the type of observation, observation detail, the client, the carer and any notes that the carer made.

If you want to look specifically at a date period or a particular carer or client, you can use the 'Filters' section

For example, if you wanted to look at observations in the last day, you can go to the filter called ‘Client Observations Observed Date’, select ‘is in the past’ and then type in ‘1' complete days.

Once you have chosen your filters, click ‘run’ in the top right corner and this will refresh the report with the information you’re looking for.

Once you’re happy with the information you’ve filtered, you can download it to your computer by clicking on the cog symbol in the right hand corner and selecting ‘download’. By downloading as a CSV file, you will be able to open it within Excel or Google Sheets.

Once downloaded and opened, you can now audit the information. In the example below we have added an additional column to add any comments.

Once auditing has been completed, the file can be saved in exactly the same way as all Excel (Google Sheet) files!

How to download the full rows

When viewing or downloading a report on Looker, it defaults to showing 500 rows, even if more rows of data are available.

You can change this by going to the data dropdown, and adding in a custom number e.g. 10000, then clicking run. This will update and show over 500 rows of data.

When you download the report from Looker, you can select All Results or a custom number of rows e.g. 10000, so that it downloads all the data for you.

Please note: Looker collects a vast amount of data to create concise report updates every 24 hours. Therefore, if you make a change in the morning then these will only appear tomorrow within the Looker report.

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