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How to add a care recipient onto CareFree and sync them to Birdie
How to add a care recipient onto CareFree and sync them to Birdie

Help on how to set up a care recipient using your CareFree rostering and ensuring they sync to Birdie

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If you use CareFree as your rostering provider you will need to add your care recipient's details on there first so that they can sync to Birdie. The below instructions will show you how to do this and how to fix any issues you may be experiencing with a care recipient not syncing to Birdie.

How to create a client profile on CareFree

From the top main menu, click 'Clients'

You will now see the screen below with the client's main screen

Under the General tab, you can add details for the client's key safe and entry methods add key safe numbers and any entry requirements to gain access to the premises. These details Sync to Birdie so no need to add them again!

You can now add more details to the client's profile

1) Select Company and Branch, this allows filtering within the CareFree system

2) Housing scheme and accommodation allow you to pick what type of accommodation that the client resides in

3) Risk type, you can see who are vulnerable from your lists within CareFree

4) RAG rating (Red, Amber and Green)

What information is needed in order to sync to Birdie?

There are other details you can add into CareFree however the below information is critical in order to sync and show on the Birdie agency hub. Please note a profile can take up to 15 minutes to sync to Birdie.

  • Name

  • DOB

  • Address

  • Gender

  • The status of the client

What to do if you encounter an issue

If your care recipient's profile is not syncing to birdie or you are getting an error message, please make sure you have entered all the correct information in the correct format.

For example, certain errors might prevent a care recipient profile from syncing through to birdie, e.g. a postcode not in the right format. (make sure you have entered a 0 and not an O).

If a care recipient profile still doesn't pull through to birdie, you should contact CareFree directly.

Need more help?

If you need help using the CareFree system please reach out to them on their email address-[email protected] they will be able to assist you with the system.

Please note: new integrations are no longer supported with CareFree.

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