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How to Reduce Your Alerts

Learn how to manage and reduce the number of alerts you receive on the Birdie Agency Hub.

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Please note: If you do not have access to these features and you are interested in learning more about Birdie Analytics, Please get in touch to talk to a member of our team!

What to do if you have a high volume of alerts

If you are struggling to keep on top of your alerts and respond to them within 24 hours, you may have too many alerts coming in. Use your Care Management Trends report to see which type of alert you are getting the most of.

Do you have a high number of Forced Check-In/out Alerts?

Do you have a high number of Missed Medications?

Do you have a low % of Visits Starting within 15 minutes of schedule?

What to do if you have taken over 24 hours to respond to an alert

If you have managed the volume of alerts coming in, we suggest making sure you have someone managing the Alert inbox at all times during working hours. This will mean most alerts can be qualified in under 24 hours easily! Monitor your progress by looking at your Care Management Trends report.

*If you are not receiving a total of 5 weekly reports and a monthly Q Score report from your account manager please get in touch.

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