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What details does Birdie sync from CARAS?

A quick guide on what information Birdie will pull from CARAS reducing duplication of work!

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There is certain information that Birdie receives from CARAS. This means if you try and edit this information on Birdie the changes will not be saved or will revert to what is on CARAS. It is important to take note of this information as it can save you a lot of time!

The sync time depends on visits available in CARAS, these visits are updated in real-time which means any changes you make should be sent to Birdie straight away. The average default sync time between CARAS and Birdie is 10 minutes. You can request for CARAS to reduce or extend this depending on your preference.

What Birdie Syncs for Care Professionals

  • Name

  • Email

  • Country code

  • Phone number

  • Active Status

Top tip: You can force an export via the Staff members page when you edit the details, tick the box on the right-hand side and click OK, this will reset the export.

For a Care Recipient or Care Professional profile to sync to Birdie, the 'Birdie User' field within the main details record of CARAS needs to be marked as a 'Y'.

This means you do not have to sync all Care Recipient and Care Professional profiles through to Birdie if it is not necessary.

Please note: If a Care Professional profile is sent to Birdie but their phone number or email address already exists on the Birdie system, Birdie will generate a notification in the Integration Dashboard for the office team to get in touch with Birdie’s Support Team.

What Birdie syncs for Care Recipients

  • Name

  • Primary phone number

  • Address

  • Gender

  • DOB

  • Active Status

  • Religion

  • Capacity (Default No)

  • Power of attorney (Default No)

  • DNAR ( Default No)

  • Allergies

  • Hobbies, likes & dislikes

All of the above can be set within CARAS, either as a 'Group' or as a 'Structured Note'. In the first instance, the fields can be made mandatory to complete if a new Care Recipient is entered into the system records and the user is not able to exit the record until the record is fully populated.

Please note: If a Care Recipient or Care Professional profile doesn't sync through to Birdie, this is most likely because of the following reasons. The sync interval has not run its course, the CARAS API service is down and needs restarting, and the "Birdie User" field has not been marked as Y. If you need additional help please see the Need more help?  section of this article 

What else does CARAS send to Birdie?

  • CARAS sends Birdie double-ups as two separate visits, which means that in the Birdie system, these are not linked.

  • Associated contacts with the “Relationship” either “GP”, “DOCTOR” or “SURGERY” as the details of the Care Recipients GP.

  • Any contact details with the relationship set as “PHARMACY” or “PHARMACIST” as the details of the Care Recipients Pharmacist.

What does Birdie send to CARAS?

  • Birdie only sends back check-in and check-out data as actuals

What information is NOT synced to Birdie from CARAS?

  • General and disability notes

  • Access details

  • Geo coordinates

Need more help?

If you need further help using the CARAS system or need to raise a support issue, please reach out to them directly.

Clients with a support contract benefit from unlimited telephone software support c/w remote access as and when needed. CARAS support team are available Monday – Friday 0900- 1700. They can be either emailed at [email protected] or called 01494 461162 (option 2).

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