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How to add and monitor outcomes

Add a Care Recipient's desired outcome and keep track of progress in Birdie.

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Please note: the following feature is available as part of our Advanced, Advanced Care Management, Plus and Premium packages. Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

This feature will enable you to set structured outcomes with person-centred detail. You will be able to add free-text evidence to track progress. You can easily mark them as achieved or not, and as a result, the outcomes can be archived or carried forward to the next time period.

This feature assists you in meeting your Care Recipient's goals and enables them to live as independently as possible. Outcomes make monitoring and evaluating a Care recipient's progress and generating evidence quicker, and easier, without compromising quality.

How to add an outcome

Click on the Client tab and choose an existing Care Recipient who you'd like to add an outcome for. Alternatively, you can add outcomes when creating a new Care Recipient.

Click on Outcomes on the left-hand tabs. Here you will be able to see all the outcomes they have associated with their care, including those in progress and those that have been achieved.

Click Add an outcome to add a title and input details and directly outline the tasks and actions being taken to achieve these outcomes. You can also add a start and end date for an outcome so you can monitor progress in line with these timelines.

How to monitor outcomes

Once you have added an outcome it will sit in the list of Active outcomes so you can monitor progress by adding updates.

Click on the outcome and click Update. You'll have the option to choose whether you are completing the outcome entirely or adding a progress update. If you complete the outcome it will now sit in the list of Achieved outcomes.

If you add an update, you'll be able to mark whether they are progressing, regressing or if there's no change in achieving their outcome. There is also free-text space to add additional detail.

This progress will now be visible when you click next click on the Outcome under Progress and details of the date, time and individual who made the update will be viewable under History.

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