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Contacting Birdie Customer Support
Contacting Birdie Customer Support

An overview of Birdies customer support offering and how to make the most of it

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At Birdie, we exclusively use chatbot or email to solve issues with the product, this is because it is much quicker to solve issues compared to doing things over the phone. To get your query or issue solved as quickly as possible, see the tips below!

The support team is split into two levels:

  • Support associate- will deal with simpler queries and issues and has a quicker response time. If the query cannot be solved within the allotted time they will escalate to the Technical support team.

  • Technical support associate- will deal with complex, ongoing issues or bugs and will have longer to resolve the issue, these issues are first triaged by a support associate.

Support Hours & Response times

The support associate team covers the following hours:

  • Monday - Friday - 7 am-8 pm

  • Weekends and Bank Holidays - 9 am-6 pm

The support associate team aims to reply to your initial message within 10 minutes and will continue to reply to messages during the interaction within 10 minutes.

The Technical support team covers the following hours:

  • Monday - Friday - 9 am-6 pm

The handover process

We will always aim for your query to be resolved by one support associate where possible, however, as the support associate team covers longer hours on a shift basis, this occasionally results in your query needing to be handed to another support associate to be resolved or escalated to the technical support team.

The second associate and technical team can view all of the information you have provided and will be given a handover. This consists of notes and troubleshooting steps that aim to make the handover as smooth as possible.

Please note: Creating multiple chats for the same issue will negatively impact the time it takes to resolve your issue and will often be automatically closed.

How to make the most of support

Have you completed the necessary training?

  • The support team will always ask if you have completed the necessary training before starting a chat. This ensures that they can focus on issues that need manual input, the chat should not be used to gain product training.

  • The Birdie Academy and Help Centre is the best place to understand how Birdie works, and how to make the most of our features.

  • Please make sure you have completed the appropriate training for your job role, to enrol on to training see this article - Your learning and training journey with Birdie Academy

What information should I provide on the chat?

  • When you bring a query to the team, there are a few ways we can ensure this query is resolved as quickly as possible.

  • Provide as much detail as possible on the issue you are facing so that we can begin investigating. See this article- What information to provide when reporting a problem.

  • Screenshots or screen recordings- these can help us understand exactly which area of the product you are seeing an issue or the unexpected behaviour you are facing.

  • We advise that you open a new chat for separate issues. This helps us ensure we can focus on resolving one issue at a time, avoiding any confusion. You can switch between multiple chats that you have had or are having with the team.

How to download your chat transcript if needed

  • It may be necessary for you to download a transcript of what was discussed with the support team. For example, step-by-step instructions on how to resolve an issue.

  • You can download your chat transcript if you're using the chat via the desktop (Agency Hub).

  • You can do this by pressing the support associate name at the top of the chat and clicking the arrow symbol in the top right corner.

  • This will download a text file to your computer of the current chat.

Chats involving external partners (Careplanner, CareFree etc.)

  • If you are integrated with an external rostering system, it is sometimes necessary for our support team to involve them in the chat. This is because we have no visibility over your rostering system setup.

  • We cannot confirm the expected response times from our rostering partners, issues involving them can take a little longer for us to resolve.

  • We advise that you reach out to your rostering provider directly if possible.

How to get in touch

For more information on how to get in touch with our support team please see this article - How to access support when you need it.

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