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How to make a Care Professional or Care Recipient active or inactive on Birdie
How to make a Care Professional or Care Recipient active or inactive on Birdie

Easily update your Care Recipient's or Care Professional's active or inactive status on Birdie

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages excluding those on Advanced, Plus and Essential (Also known as Care Management & Rostering, Care Management, Rostering & Finance and Premium packages) For those packages you will use the scheduling inactivity feature- article here.

As it is not possible to delete a Care Recipient or Care Professional's profile, if a Care Recipient or a Care Professional is no longer using your agency you can change their status to inactive. Alternatively, if you need to make a Care Recipient or a Care Professional active after a period of absence you can easily do this as well.

How to make a Care Professional active or inactive

  1. Click on Team and search for the Care Professional you want to change the status of, click on their name to be taken to their profile.

2. On the Basic info tab click on Agency admin and click Edit.

3. Change the status to Active or Inactive and click Submit at the bottom of the page, make sure you click this or your changes will not be saved.

If you change the Care Professionals status to inactive they will no longer have access to the Care Recipients in the Birdie app. Their profile will also now appear under the inactive button under the Teams tab.

How to make a Care Recipient active or inactive

Please note: if you use a rostering provider (CarePlanner) You will need to change the status of the Care Recipient to inactive on that system or their status will not stay inactive on Birdie.

  1. To make a Care Recipient inactive, click on the Clients tab and select the Care Recipient you want.

2. On the About me page click on Edit

3. If you want to make them inactive you must put a reason, this can be permanent or temporary.

When you are done click Submit at the bottom of the page. Once this has been done the inactive Care Recipient will no longer be accessible to your Care Professionals in the Birdie app.

Now that the Care Recipient is inactive two things will happen:

  1. Visit schedules will be automatically stopped for newly permanent inactive care recipients

  2. Future visits will be automatically cancelled for newly temporarily inactive care recipients

How to make a Care Recipient active again

4. To make them Active again, find the Care Recipient under the Inactive button on the Clients tab. You have the option to filter temporarily inactive and permanently to make it easier to find them

Once you have found the Care Recipient you want to make active, navigate to their About me page click on Edit and change their status to Active. Click Submit when you are done.

Please note: It isn't possible to schedule inactivity to start in the past, you will need to set the start of the inactivity for a date/time in the future. You may want to add a note to their client/carer feed to state when the client was inactive.

Why is inactive Care Recipient data still showing up in my Agency Hub and Finance Tab?

Inactive Care Recipient visit schedules and data will only be automatically removed for Care Recipients that are NEWLY set as inactive.

If you have Care Recipients who have been set as inactive previously, their visit schedules and data will not be automatically removed.

You will need to set these Care Recipients as active and then inactive again - this will then remove future visit schedules and data, ensuring visits are not charged incorrectly.

To do this simply go to the Care Recipient who is inactive, and click on their profile. Then go to About Me. Then click Edit on the top right of the Profile section.

You will then need to set the care recipient as inactive again. As outlined in the first section, click Edit again, select the Inactive button, choose a reason for inactivity, and hit submit.

Please note: this will only remove visit schedules/data from the date you set them as inactive and onwards - and any historic visits will need to be manually discarded.

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