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How to audit Medication on the Agency Hub

Understand quickly if and what medication has been administered to Care Recipients during a visit

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Please note: The following feature is available as part of Birdie’s Core, Advanced, Plus, Care Management and Advanced Care Management packages (As well as Care Management & Rostering, Care Management, Rostering & Finance, Premium) Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

Monitoring the Mar Chart (e-Mar) of your Care Recipients

To access your Care Recipients MAR chart, start by going to their profile and select Medication on the left-hand side tab. Once you are here select Medication monitoring.

Here you will find an overview of your Care Recipients MAR chart for the month and when your Care Professionals record that a dose has been taken it will be visible here with their name and a time stamp. 

To see the details of who administered the medication, click on the icon and a pop-up will appear:

How to edit a medication outcome

If you need to edit a medication outcome you can do this by selecting the icon and clicking on Update. You will be able to change the medication outcome and provide a reason for the change. Once you are done, click Save.

This change will now be visible on the Care Recipients MAR chart and will be earmarked to indicate that this outcome has been updated. 

Notes on updating a medication outcome 

  • If a medication outcome has been recorded by the Care Professional during the visit, you will be able to update this straight away. You may need to refresh your page so that this appears. 

  • For medications where no outcome has been given yet, the outcome can be edited as soon as the time of the dose (that's showing on the MAR) has passed.

  • It isn’t possible to change an outcome for a PRN medication on the MAR chart, it is only possible to update an outcome for medications that have been scheduled. If you need to record the PRN, the Care Professional may need to start an unscheduled visit and submit the PRN with the correct outcome.

How to print the MAR chart

If you need to print the Care Recipients MAR chart you can do this directly from this page by clicking the print button in the top right-hand corner.

What do the MAR icons mean?

The below icons will help you to view your Care Recipient's medication history at a glance.

If you want to know more about the status of any medication just hover over the icon. Here, you can easily audit and amend any medication observations. The MAR chart will then update with the appropriate icon.

Fully taken

If a medication is fully taken, this will be displayed by a Green icon on the MAR sheet

Partially taken

If a medication is partially taken, this will be displayed by a p/t amber icon on the MAR sheet

Not observed

If a medication was not observed, this will be displayed by a n/o grey icon on the MAR sheet. This will show if explicitly selected by the Care Professionals in-app.

Not taken

When a medication is not taken, this will be displayed by a n/t red icon on the MAR sheet

Maybe taken

When a medication is maybe taken, this will be displayed by a m/t amber icon on the MAR sheet. The Maybe take option is only available in the agency hub, this is typically used if you want to record a dose but are not 100% sure of the outcome yet

PRN medication

If your Care Recipient has PRN medication, these are not required, and if they are not recorded they will appear as a dash on the MAR sheet

No record

Missing medication reports are displayed by a grey question mark on the MAR sheet

If your Care Recipient is inactive or a visit isn't scheduled

When your care recipient is inactive, temporarily or otherwise the MAR sheet will be greyed out to indicate this and you will no longer receive a 'Missed medication alert'

If your Care Recipient self administers their medication

If your Care Recipient self-administers their own medication, this will be shown as a greyed-out box with the letters s/a in the icon

If your Care Recipient doesn't have a visit scheduled

If you are using visit planning, you will have an additional No visit icon that will be displayed if no visit is scheduled or if a medication is not assigned to a visit card,

If any medication doses are reported as partially or not taken, you will receive an alert in the Inbox tab.


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