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How to Add and Edit Visit Notes

Our latest improvement gives care managers even more control and confidence in the care their agency is providing.

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages.

We understand that sometimes Care Professional's phone may die or be on low battery and may not be able to record visit notes before checking out. That's why you can add a visit note directly from the Agency Hub if a Care Professional has not recorded one.

If a Care Professional has added a note but words are misspelt, details are missed, forgotten or even more information has come to light you can also edit existing notes. 

Please note: Edited visit notes will be viewable by the Care Professional in their app and viewable on the family app.

How to add a note

In the Logs tab click the visit you would like to add a note for before clicking on the Observations tab.

If a Care Professional forgot to add an observation or recorded their notes elsewhere during the visit, you will have the option to add a general note and optionally, provide a reason for entering the note. Then click Save note.

If a note has already been recorded by a Care Professional you can edit the note if you would like to add additional information.

These notes will appear in the Observations tab along with the name of the user and timestamp of the entry, so you can maintain a clear audit trail.

You will also be able to view the note and the reason when clicking on See note history once the note has been saved.

You will only be able to add a general note for visits that have been completed, if you need to add a note which is not connected to a visit you will want to use the client feed if this feature is available to you - How to use Birdie’s Client Feed and Notes.

How to edit a note

Go to the Logs tab and select the visit you would like to edit the note for. Click on the Observations tab to view the notes and click Edit note.

Make your edits to the note and you can also include your reason for the edits. When you are done click the Save changes button.

In order to provide a visible and accountable audit trail, a copy of both the original visit notes and the edited note as well as a record of the person who made these changes can be viewed in the log timeline.

If you need to see the note history, you can do this by clicking See edit history. Your changes will be highlighted in Green and will show you the name of the person who edited it and the date.

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