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How to download and print a Care Recipient's care plan
How to download and print a Care Recipient's care plan

Easily print and leave a copy of a care plan in your care recipient's home or share it with their care circle

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages.

Although we provide you with options to share your Care Recipient's care plan in a paperless and digital format, we are aware that sometimes you may need to share a physical copy with someone. This is why you are able to download and print entire care plans for a care recipient.

You can then leave these in the Care Recipient's home or share them with an inspecting body or third party if need be.

How to download & print a care plan

Select the care recipient and select Care plan on the left-hand side menu.

To download a document, scroll to the bottom of the page to the Download documents tab.

Once you are on the Download documents page, you have the option to download the care plan in its entirety by clicking Download all or alternatively, you can choose what sections of the care plan you want to save or print.

You can choose to either download or print the care plan by changing the Destination of the document, you can download it as a pdf or send it straight to your printer.

If you need to change the orientation of the care plan use the Layout option. Click Save when you are done.

These will now be stored in your computer files ready to send to an inspecting body or a third party.

Top tip: Care professionals can view the care plans for their Care recipients in the app, for more information about this please see the article- How to complete a visit on the birdie app

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