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How to use the product portal
How to use the product portal

Keep in the loop about what features we are working on and submit your own feedback with the birdie product portal

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Our public product portal allows you to see at a glance what is on our roadmap such as what we are working on, what we are thinking of working on and everything in between. Including watching a feature going from the drawing board to being released in the app.

As you know, we are creating Birdie alongside you and your expertise so we love hearing your ideas and feedback on how to improve the Birdie product. To access the portal click the below button.

Our portal is divided into 4 main sections:

  • Under consideration - ideas here have been suggested and the team are researching the best ways to implement and bring these ideas to life

  • Planned - In this section, ideas have been well-researched and our engineers have begun building the improvement/feature

  • Beta - When a feature is ready for testing, it will be moved to Beta. Testing can be done internally or externally with a few agencies

  • Released - When an improvement or feature is ready to be used by everyone, it will sit in this section

How to comment on existing ideas

You can click an idea featured in the product portal to find out more information on what exactly the feature entails. Here you can select how important this feature is to you and leave your own feedback and comments on the product idea. Make sure to use the email associated with your employee or agency.

How to submit your own idea

If there is an idea or something you would like to see the Birdie product team bring to life, you can share this on the product portal by submitting your idea using the button in the top right-hand corner.

Remember to let us know who you are and to use the email associated with your employee/agency, we may need to contact you about your idea!

Although we wish we could build and implement each and every idea, submitting an idea does not guarantee we are committed to building it; because of this, it is important to give us as much information as possible and let us know how important the idea is to you so we can prioritise.

You can select from the below priorities:

  • Critical

  • Important

  • Nice to have

  • Not important

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