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What information does Birdie sync from Careplanner?

See what information Birdie syncs from Careplanner so you can reduce duplicating work and spend more time on the things that matter

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The Birdie - Careplanner integration allows you to use your Careplanner rostering integration alongside your Birdie care management software.

Birdie and Careplanner are able to share data across the systems. For example, when you enter certain care recipient information on Careplanner, birdie will pull this across to the birdie interface, meaning you will not have to enter the same information twice.

Any changes you make in Careplanner will be sent to birdie in 15 minutes. We sync 7 days of visits from Careplanner, this means if you send anything more than 7 days, this will not reflect in the birdie agency hub.

What birdie syncs for care professionals

  • Name

  • Primary number

  • Email

  • Country code

  • Active status

We do not sync admin status, you will need to make them an admin on birdie.

What birdie syncs for care recipients

  • Name

  • Primary number

  • DOB

  • Address

  • Gender

  • Active status

  • Access details

We do not sync general and disability notes.

What information is 'pulled' from Careplanner to birdie?

  • The actual visit date and time including check-in and check-out times

What information is sent from birdie to Careplanner?

  • We send back check-in and check-out data as actuals

  • We also send back if the visit was verified (geolocation or QR codes)

Please note: if you change any of the information that Careplanner sends to birdie, on birdie only, the information will switch back to the original information. If you are having issues adding the above information we do advise reaching out to them directly so they can assist you.

Need more help?

If you need help using the Careplanner system or you have encountered an issue, please reach out to them directly at their email address- [email protected] or if you do not have an assigned number you can contact support via phone: 0117 214 0585

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