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How to use the Concerns report on Birdie Analytics

Learn how to audit your concerns on Birdie Analytics

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Please note: If you do not have access to these features and you are interested in learning more about Birdie Analytics, Please get in touch to talk to a member of our team!

The concerns report will give you an overview of all the concerns raised by your agency and by Care Professionals using the Birdie app. This can be used for PIRs and CQC or Care Inspectorate Inspections. This is useful to see how many concerns are being raised and who is creating them. In this report, you can break down what kind of concerns are being raised such as accidents, incidents, medication or other.

Raising a concern on the Agency hub

The concerns report is linked to when a concern is raised on the Agency hub or via the Birdie app. To raise a concern, start by going to the Inbox tab on your Agency hub, then select the Add new + button, on the drop-down menu select Concern

For more in-depth detail on how to raise a concern from the agency hub please read this article - How to raise a concern via the Agency Hub, to see how a concern is raised via the Birdie app please see this article- How to raise a concern with the Birdie app.

To find the report on Birdie analytics log in to Looker and search for the concerns report or look for it under the delivery and incidents management board.

Filtering the report

To get the most relevant information, you can filter by:

  • Branch

  • Client name

  • Raised date

  • Who it was raised by

  • Concern category

  • Concern type

  • Severity

  • Resolved status

  • Privacy

Once you have selected the relevant filters, click the reload button (the circling arrow) in the right-hand corner. The graph below will then reflect the changes you have made and will display the last six months of data.

To further filter the information, you can click the coloured icons at the bottom of the graph to toggle these on and off. For example, if you only want to look at the medication concerns over the past few months, you can unclick the other icons. To include them in the report again, click them again.

This is helpful If a local authority has requested accident or incident information for a selection of clients, you can filter by the Tagged Client Name and the concern type to find this information and easily download it for the council to review.

Drilling down into the data

To further drill down into the data you can click a column and select what information you would like to see such as concerns raised by week, date or hour.

This will then open a pop-up screen where you can view the data in a table format. from here you can click on the information to see who the care recipient is and how long it took to resolve the concern. You also have the option to download this information from this page.

Downloading the whole report

To download the report, click on the three little dots on the right-hand side and click Download.

You will now have the option to download it as a CSV file which can be uploaded to your spreadsheet software of choice. This report will also be downloaded to your computer which you can use as part of your auditing process.

For more downloading options you can also download all concerns in different formats from the concerns table. To do this, click the three dots and select Download data.

Here you can select from more options such as a PNG image or TXT, both of these download options provide you with the same information such as who raised the concern, the date and the Care Recipient name.

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